Everyone Wants your Advertising

Who deserves it

You’re an expert in your business. And we’re experts in ours.


LakeStreet has worked for decades in media. We know the players, the opportunities and the pitfalls. We have long-standing relationships within the industry and we know how to leverage them to benefit you. The millions of dollars of advertising we purchase across Canada every year gives us serious clout when it comes to finding the best value for your budget.


LakeStreet offers a full range of communication services: we plan, buy and place media, direct your creative and ensure all aspects of your campaign are delivering the same message.


We have in-house expertise in TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising, and proudly partner with affiliates who specialize in innovative, well-targeted interactive and digital media projects.


Ultimately, our goal is yours.


Drawing (5) Planning

Success requires strategy

At LakeStreet, we’re insightful, analytical and well-connected, and we use all of these qualities to develop a comprehensive, customized media plan for you.

We start with your goals and expectations. Who do you want to reach? What’s the timeline? What have you tried in the past? What’s your budget?

We examine the latest in industry trends, consumer information and media rating research.


Drawing (5) Buying

Advertising is expensive... Let's make the right choices

When it comes to implementing your advertising plan, LakeStreet gets you the best value for every commercial and impression.

We are smart negotiators and use our insider savvy and buying power to purchase the right mix of media to deliver your message.

Our years of experience running media outlets across Canada allows us to leverage our network of contacts, industry relationships and insider knowledge.



Drawing (5) Placement

Right creative... Wrong media

A top-notch plan and well-negotiated buy needs to be supported by strategic ad placement.

LakeStreet makes sure your target audience is listening, watching, reading and surfing when and where you want to reach them.

When consumer trends change we need you to know about it. When technology changes consumer behaviour you need to be there. Integrating change into your strategy is key.